Working With Documents

Documentation is any document that can be retrieved or reviewed at a later date. This includes records that are created on paper or physical form, as well those that are digitally recorded with computer programs like spreadsheets, word processors and image editing software. In the majority of organizations, documentation follows the same set of guidelines and conventions to ensure that each new document exhibits a certain degree of similarity in shape and structure to documents from the past. This helps create consistency and transparency into the workflow of documentation within the organization and ecosystem.

Unlike traditional physical or paper records, documents stored in digital formats are often assigned a unique file name to distinguish them from other records. This helps organize the files and provides a way to search for information without opening multiple documents in order to locate it. Documentation is also organized into folders making it easier for users to locate specific documents within a larger array of documents.

Apple applications like Pages and TextEdit along with many third-party applications available from the Mac App Store, allow you to create an extensive variety of documents. This includes reports, letters, essays, financial charts, slideshows, presentations, and more. These documents can be accessed on different platforms, and facilitate collaboration between team members.

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